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Instagram Event


  1. 5 likes: $5 coupon which can be used sitewide (shipping cost excluded)
  2. 30 likes: Free delicate necklace which worth about $10
  3. 150 likes: You can freely choose one product on our website for free


  1. Follow @cocomeshopofficial on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cocomeshopofficial/
  2. Contact customer services through Instagram DM (Direct Message) to get the picture for posting
  3. Post the picture on your Instagram, @cocomeshopofficial and tag #cocomestyle to get likes during March 2 - March 16
  4. Make a screenshot of the likes and send to customer service through Instagram DM to win the prize


  1. Prize will be sent during March 17-19
  2. Winners will be announced on March 17
  3. One can only get one gift during event time

Please note

  1. Contact customer services through Instagram DM if you have any question.
  2. Cocomeshop reserves the right to final interpretation.


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